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Nano Machine 149| Release Date, Spoilers And Where to Read

Nano Machine 149” is an excellent example of how history, magic, time travel, and science can all work well together. The manhwa became very popular because it was based on a unique idea that mixed nanotechnology with historical and fantasy themes. We rarely see magic combined with modern technology, so this book is new and exciting to read. It also has likable characters and a well-made world.

We will talk about everything we know so far about the next chapter of “Nano Machine” in this piece. We’ll talk about when chapter 149 will come out, review what happened in the last chapter, and tell you where you can read it. Read the whole article to find out more about the next step.

Nano Machine 149

In “Nano Machine,” the main character is Cheon Yeo-Un, whose father is the High Priest of a group of evil spirits. Cheon Yeo Un’s bloodline gives him a chance to be a minor priest, even though he was born to a woman who is not one of the six official wives of the High Priest. Because of this, his brothers want his blood and want to kill him before he threatens their right to rule, even though Yeo Un is weak and can’t yet learn martial arts.

After an attempt to kill Yeo Un that was mostly successful, he is left to bleed out and die on the ground. Just as he’s starting to lose consciousness, a strange boy from the future shows up and kills the killers. The unknown boy puts something into Yeo Un’s body and tells him to do well so his successors will have an easy time. The next day, Yeo Un wakes up and realizes that the nanotechnology put into him has been stopped.

Nano Machine Spoiler for Chapter 149 on Reddit

Lukas worries that the City Lords of Hirup, especially Sshiris, will try to get him to do what they want. He turns to Bargan, who has been close to him for three years and knows him well. Bargan gives Lukas a handful of Dragonling scales, which Lukas gives to a member of the subjugation team on the way to Herui. The team member uses the contact links in Herui to send information about the Ancient Dragon to the Eight Big Cities. Even if they got such a report, they would think Lukas was crazy, so he put the scales on the letters.


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