Hardware Swap

Hardware Swap Window 11

Hardware Swap Window 11 activation confirms that your Windows reproduction is real and use on greater gadgets than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

When installing Windows 11, the virtual license buddies itself with your device’s hardware. So, make sizable hardware modifications for your device.

Including changing your motherboard. In that case, Windows will now not discover a license that fits your device, and you’ll want to reactivate Windows to get it up and running.

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Prepare your Windows 11 tool for a hardware Swap.

Prepare your Windows 11
  • First, comply with those steps to discover if Windows 11 is already activated. 
  •  Select the Start button, then choose Settings > System > Activation.

Open Activation settings

If you are no longer activate, whole the activation technique with the stairs you spot on the Activation web page. If you revel in blunders before starting, see Get assist with Windows activation errors.

Once you have got show that Windows 11 activation, comply with the steps:

Link your Windows 11 virtual license to your Microsoft account.

Link your Windows 11 virtual license

In Windows 11, it’s far essential that you hyperlink your Microsoft account with the Windows 11 virtual license in your tool. 

Linking your Microsoft account with your virtual license lets you reactivate Windows using the Activation troubleshooter every time you make a large hardware Swap.

First, you will want to discover if your Microsoft account (What is a Microsoft account?) is related to your Windows 11 virtual license.

To find it, choose the Start button, then select Settings > System, after which choose Activation. The activation popularity message will inform you in case your account is related.

Open Activation settings: Hardware Swap

Open Activation settings: Hardware Swap
Activation statusDescription
Windows is activated with a digital licenseThis means that your Microsoft account is not linked to your digital license. Follow instructions for Add an account
Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft accountThis means that your Microsoft account is already linked to your digital license.
No further action is required. You are ready to use the activation troubleshooter.
  1. If your Microsoft account isn’t related to your virtual license, comply with the steps to Add an invoice:
  2.  Sign in as an administrator to feature your Microsoft account. Choose the Start button and Settings > Accounts > Your data to affirm that you’re using an administrator account. Under your name, you’ll see Administrator.
  3.  If you’re no longer an administrator, see Create a neighborhood consumer or administrator account. 

Go to Your data in Settings: Hardware Swap

Go to Your data in Settings: Hardware Swap
  • Confirm that the administrator account is your Microsoft account by checking to peer if an email deal is displayed above Administrator.
  •  Likewise, if an email deal is that is a Microsoft account. If now no longer do, you’re logging in using a neighborhood account.
  •  If you don’t but have a Microsoft account, see How to create a brand new Microsoft account.
  •  Once you affirm that you’re an administrator and use your Microsoft account, cross lower back to the Activation web page, add an account, input your Microsoft account and password, and select Sign in.

As a result, the Activation web page notification Microsoft account introducing will Hardware Swap to Windows activate with a virtual license associate with your Microsoft account after your Microsoft account is already registering.

Confirm your Windows 11 version

Confirm your Windows 11 version.

Make positive that the version, Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro, is equal earlier than and after your hardware swap. So, your virtual license and product key will reactivate simplest if the version remains equal. 

  • You can see your version at the equal. 
  •  Activation web page wherein you checked your activation status. To see your version, 
  •  pick the Start button, then select Settings > System > Activation.

See your version of Windows.

Get the Product Key Hardware Swap

Get the Product Key Hardware Swap.

If you utilized an effect key to get to Windows 11, you’d want that key once more after the hardware Swap. To discover the way to discover your key, see Find your Windows product key.

For extra data, approximately product keys and virtual licenses, see Activate Windows.


So, you will want a virtual license or a product key to set off Windows. Then to discover what you want, see “What activation technique do I use, product key or virtual license?”

In Activate Windows. Then, use the following data to help you create a hardware alternate and reactivate Windows.

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